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How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating

A good article on how to tel if your wife is cheating, called 7 Signs of an Unfaithful Spouse by Christian Blacksmith

In married life, the days aren't always sunny. If your marriage has changed: more fights as compared to happy times, it is fairly normal to be suspicious. It may be difficult but it probably is time for you to open your eyes to the many signs of an unfaithful spouse.

1. The New Found Buddy

I understand how you may be jealous of your spouse's new friend, especially if that friend is of the opposite sex. Still, this does not mean your spouse is already cheating. However, when your spouse starts spending a lot of time with that friend than what is seemly, you now have the right to be suspicious. If your spouse frequently talks about that person, go out of the way to meet him/her, and sometimes lie about the meeting, your alarm bells should be ringing.

2. Working All Night

Do you notice your spouse working late every night? Most people would freak out when they find their spouse always leaving messages about working overtime and not being able to join dinner, etc. If your spouse is away from home more often than not with the same excuses, then that is one of the signs of an unfaithful spouse.

3. Appearance-Conscious

You find your spouse taking a big interest in looking good but do not even care if you give a compliment. You may ask yourself whether your spouse is appearance-conscious because they want to please you or please another person.

4. Emotional Indifference

I know how frustrating it is to observe that the days with your spouse that were once full of conversation and laughter can now be summed up to: Nothing. You may be used to your spouse sharing everything; now, you can only count the words that come out of your husband or wife's mouth. Out of all the signs of an unfaithful spouse, I know that this might be the most difficult to live with. 5. Issues with Privacy

You are not over reacting when you feel distressed about your spouse suddenly being secretive. If your spouses no longer involve you in their lives, even accusing you of not having enough trust, then there might be something wrong with the marriage.

6. Love Making

It's either your spouse frequently finds a way to get out of your bed sessions, or would suddenly want you to try new things that they must have learned from a third party. The status of your sex life can be one of the signs of an unfaithful spouse, depending on how negative it can get. Evaluating it is a must as it is among the things which make a marriage stronger.

7. Money Issues

If you find out that there have been a lot of strange credit card charges on your spouse's statements, as well as frequent withdrawals from savings accounts, then your spouse may be spending money on someone else. I know how hard it is to be bankrupt because of a third party so better be updated on money matters.

It is common to feel hurt and devastated when you see negative changes in your spouse's behavior. Fear and anger may be experienced once you notice a few of the signs of an unfaithful spouse. Note however that there are more signs and knowing them will give you a better chance at deciphering whether your spouse is indeed cheating on you.

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how to tell if your wife is cheating

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