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How to Tell if your Wife is Cheating

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There are some men out there that may be thinking there wife is cheating, but are very hesitant to act on these thoughts. This may be due to the desire of avoiding an argument, or because they feel they don't have enough proof to validate their thinking. There are many signs that you can look for in a cheating wife. Read the warning signs below that will teach your how to tell if your wife is cheating.

Going Out with the Girls More Often
Unfaithful women may make excuses for where they are when they are not at home, especially if they are going out more frequently than usual. Saying that she is going out with the girls is one of the most common ways to dispel any negative behaviors she is participating in. Mention to her friends that they seem to be going out more, and see what reaction you get. What's even better is talking to the boyfriends and husbands of your wife's friends. You may discover that their women haven't been out lately at all.

New Lingerie
The presence of a stash of sexy underwear is often a sure fire way on how to tell if your wife is cheating, especially if she has purchased a lot recently. This would be exceptionally true if she is not wearing it for you. You have a right to wonder just who is getting to enjoy it. Another thing to notice is if she begins wearing the naughty undergarments to work under her clothes. She may be prepared for an after-work romp without someone else.

Takes a Shower as Soon as She Arrives Home
This may be the normal behavior of many women, depending on their showering habits. However, if you notice that she has dramatically changed her hygiene habits, i.e. showering and brushing teeth right after coming home from work or from being out with friends, she may be doing more than just getting clean. This could be a sure sign that she is trying to clean off the evidence.

Look for Signs of Rubbing and/of Kissing
Often, frequent kissing and rubbing can leave red areas on the body, particularly the neck. Be on the look out for such inflamed areas, as it could mean she's getting some unfaithful attention outside of your bedroom. Also, check for the smell of male cologne on her dirty clothing.

Educating yourself on how to tell if your wife is cheating is essential if you are beginning to suspect such actions. It's important to have a reason behind your thoughts, especially if you want to stop worrying about it or find out the truth.
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how to tell if your wife is cheating

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