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Is She Cheating? Here Are Some Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Signs of a cheating wife are everywhere, If she's cheating, there will be signs. The article below gives some excellent cheating spouse signs.

How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating - Signs Your Wife Is Cheating on You 

Do you want to know how to tell if your wife is cheating on you? While we hate to admit it, we would rather catch on to the signs of a cheating spouse instead of getting blind sighted by something that you could have seen coming. Infidelity the most common cause of separations and divorces. Cheating often happens with broken or damaged marriages and leads to fears that in future relationships you will be cheated on again. Being cheated on always hurts, but it hurts much more when you don't see it coming. But cheating never comes out of the blue. There are always signs that your partner is about to or has already started cheating on you. Here are some things you can do to become more aware of how your relationship is doing. When you learn to observe these key things, you will never be caught unaware.

We feel things for a reason, but it's important to know when you are being over reactive and when you are picking up on some warning signs. If you've been cheated on in the past, you may be hypersensitive to small changes and get the wrong impression, so it helps to tackle the situation rationally. Take note of how often these feelings occur what it is that sparks them. If you think she's lying to you and have always been good at telling when she's lying, you are probably right. If you're suspicious when she comes home 15 minutes late, you're probably overreacting, if you're suspicious when she comes home the next morning, you're probably suspicious for a reason. If you aren't jealous often, pay attention to when feelings of jealousy pop up. Then look at the circumstances and see if your jealousy might be related to her cheating on you.

There are three major changes in her patterns of behavior to watch for. Her schedule, her moods, and sex. A changes in schedule could involve her spending much more time at "work", leaving home earlier, coming home later, or suddenly picking up a new activity that requires her to be out more. Changes in moods are most often seen through her reactions. Does she seem distant, suddenly not bothered by things that usually bother her. Does she seem unusually preoccupied? And changes in your sex life are quite easy to catch on to, you'll know right away if she's doing something different that she may have learned elsewhere (and it wasn't Cosmo!) But also pay attention to her sex drive, is she suddenly craving more or less sex unexpectedly? That's a good sign that something significant has changed in her life.

One of the key things that breaks down when a spouse is cheating is communication. What usually happens is that you'll notice that she's communicating less with you because she's already sharing with her lover. Check on how well you communicate (including problems or emotions), does it seem like you know her less and less, that her life and thoughts are slowly becoming more and more hidden from you? Even fighting less can be worrisome, especially if you're a couple that fights often. How much she communicates with you is a reflection of how invested she is in your relationship. A drop in communication reflects a drop in interest on her part.

If you're picking up on these elements, your relationship is in danger. They don't necessarily mean that she's started physically cheating on you. But emotionally, she's already having an affair. The question you must pose yourself is whether what you have is worth saving or if this is happening because the two of you just didn't work out. Either way, it's a problem you're going to need to resolve, and you're going to need to sit down with her and talk it out.

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