Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is She Cheating On You?

A good article with tips to see if your wife is cheating on you, by Alex Daniels, who is in the wedding and groomsmen markets.

When it comes to a cheating partner, men are somewhat at a disadvantage. Men are designed to be confronters, so let's face it, most guys are not sneaky enough to pull off a cheat clean. Women, on the other hand, are masters of subtlety. In part, this has to do with the inattention that men pay to details; a girlfriend could be cheating and the guy would actually have no clue until she is ready to move in with the other guy. There are ways to tell if your lady is messing around behind your back, though, if you care to take the time to carefully observe. Just remember that any one of the following things could indicate any number of things; only in combination and when frequently occurring are they an indicator of an affair.

Emotional distance
* When was the last time your girlfriend or wife brought up an issue at work with you? How about discussed her plans for your future together or her own hopes? When a woman cheats, she's looking for an emotional life preserver, not the sexiest conquest. If you realize all of a sudden that she is no longer talking to you about her life, turn the alarm bells on.
* On the other hand, some women DO go for the sexiest conquest, but it is only as a matter of revenge. If this is what is going on, she will probably end up telling you herself.
* If she's stopped trying, you're probably in a lot of trouble. Do you all of a sudden realize that there is nothing but quiet? At first you may smile, but if she isn't asking you to come with her to counseling or at least talk to your family, then she is getting her emotional support elsewhere.

Physical Appearance
Women are always concerned about how they look, but a woman who is cheating on her man will have a definite pattern in what she chooses to adorn herself with. Look for clothes that you can't remember her wearing in ages; be especially wary of outfits that she has never put on before.

Believe it or not, shoes are a HUGE part of a woman's wardrobe, and sexy shoes mean she is trying to land a man or impress a man already landed. Look out for shoes that suddenly appear in her closet or on her feet, but which she never wears around you. Also look out for strange scents or an over application.

The thing to remember about most women when it comes to cheating is that they do it out of desperation, not lust. A woman who cheats is almost all of the time a woman who already feels alone and therefore has nothing to lose. It can be hard for a guy to see the signs of a cheat, because the signs are largely in intimate interactions and conversations. If this is lost, then the girl might be too. The best way to keep your partner from cheating on you is to give her no reason to by being the best friend that she has.

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Alex consults for an online gift shop specializing in wedding supplies and groomsmen gifts. Alex is recently married.

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