Friday, February 09, 2007

Sign Of A Cheating Wife. 5 Areas To Watch Carefully

Make sure before you accuse, if you're wrong you could cause serious damage to your marriage or relationship, that may never go away.A few signs below, remember your spouse may show all these signs but still be faithfull. DO YOUR RESEARCH.
The cheating wife’s physical appearance will change, she knows it has to. A woman having an affair (or even thinking about having one) will want to make herself more attractive. She will begin to dress smarter, her appearance will alter in some way. Be alert for new clothes, new perfume and her personal hygiene. These are usually the most visible signs of infidelity. If she suddenly has a personal makeover there is a good chance she's trying to impress someone, that someone may not be you!

A cheating spouses conversation and mannerisms will change. Listen carefully to what your wife chooses or refuses to talk about. Usually her conversations would include the same places and people, after all we are creatures of habit. Suddenly she starts talking of new places and people using very different tones in her voice and mannerisms.

The cheating wife will relate to the family differently. The way your wife communicates with you will change, suddenly the little things that used to bother her no longer do. An example could be, kids making a noise when he comes in from work, used to annoy her, but suddenly she smiles and makes a pleasant comment about the kids. This is a sign that her mind is on something else, something that she finds very pleasant. She suddenly has more patience, used to get annoyed about the small things, suddenly she doesn’t seem bothered.

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