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How To Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating

How To Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating

Having an can be devastating, do you suspect your wife is cheating on you? If you believe you have a you need to look for the sign of a cheating spouse. can be a major life changing event. If you have a , they will always show you a .

You need to , do not just confront them, be sure, before you start this extremely hard and difficult time. There are lots of ways to .

How To Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating

Below is a great article, 9 Signs of a Cheating Wife by Jennifer Lawless

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9 Signs of a Cheating Wife
How To Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating

Guys, do you suspect your wife of cheating on you? One study reported that 53% of women admitted cheating on their husbands, so it's not just a paranoid fantasy. It can and does happen, but how do you know if it's happening to you? At the risk of being a traitor to the sisterhood, here are 9 signs that your wife may be cheating on you?

1) You find birth-control pills in her medicine cabinet, and you've had a vasectomy. Is your wife is a pack rat who never throws anything out? If they're left over from before your vasectomy, relax, but, if she bought them last week...

2) She sets up a new e-mail account and doesn't tell you about it. Of course, you'd have to be fairly sneaky to discover this. If she's also smart enough to delete her cookies and browsing history, you're probably out of luck. Ditto, if she only uses the account at work.

3) She goes to the store for groceries and comes home 5 hours later. If it's the day before Thanksgiving or the Super Bowl, give her a break. Otherwise, if she takes 5 hours to shop for groceries, she'd better be bringing home some good stuff.

4) She buys herself new underwear. Was underwear on sale? Did she buy you some new underwear too? If she hasn't worn her new underwear for you, she may be wearing it for someone else.

5) She sets up a separate cell phone account that is billed to her office. Good luck discovering this, but she might get careless and call you on her "secret" cell phone one day.

6) The toilet bowl seat is up, and when you left home it was down. Were you expecting the plumber? If you weren't, some other man was in the house because ladies NEVER leave the toilet bowl seat up.

7) She's unconventionally spending money on new clothes. Women buy new clothes to make themselves feel better and to make themselves look better. Either way, there may be a problem.

8) She stops confiding in you and seeking advice from you. How many years did it take you to notice this? The more years, the more likely that she has found someone else to confide in and seek advice from.

9) She stops wearing her wedding ring. Being in a relationship proves that she's a real woman, and her wedding ring is free advertisement. Not wearing her wedding ring says one of two things: she's trying to indicate that she's available for a relationship, or she's trying to forget that she's already in one. Neither is good for your marriage.

Surveys of women report that only 20% of women have affairs for sex; most have affairs for emotional reasons. If your lady is straying, it's probably not because of what's happening in the bedroom. It's because of what's happening (or not happening) outside it. If want to save your marriage, it means that YOU are probably going to have to change. Are you ready for that?

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Jennifer Lawless writes on various subjects, including 9 Signs of a Cheating Wife. To find out the single biggest mistake you can make when you think your wife is having an affair, visit her website .Astonishing Discoveries

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