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Is Your Wife Or Girlfriend Cheating? Find out Now!

So, how can you tell if your wife or girlfriend is cheating? Read on or click here to find out now and learn what the best thing to do is

Is She Cheating? How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Unfaithful

Q: Is she cheating? How can I tell if my girlfriend is NOT being faithful? What are the signs that she can't be trusted?
A: The truth is, we get this question at least once a day across our various articles, blogs and men's health community sites... and the fact is, there is GOOD reason to ask!

More and more studies are showing that women are almost as likely now to cheat in a relationship as we are... although their reasons are remarkably different. Men cheat because we want good sex. Women cheat because they want to feel wanted. (and of course, unfortunately for us... that guy who is making her feel wanted is ALSO giving her good sex!)

So what percentage of women cheat?

Good question! The truth is, according to a recent University study on faithfulness in marriage, about 23% of men admitted to being unfaithful, compared to about 19% of the women. While that is just a little bit of difference between the 2, the study also concluded that men were more likely to exaggerate (saying they had cheated, when they hadn't) and women were more likely to feel guilty and lie as well, although the other way! 
(in other words, once the grading on the curve was done, statistically, both sexes probably cheat at roughly the same rates, give or take a percentage either way)

The signs a woman is not being honest in a relationship vary of course from person to person, but there ARE some pretty universal signs you should be on the lookout for.

1 - She stops trusting YOU! I know, I know... sounds pretty silly, right? A woman who is cheating shouldn't be the one with trust issues. BUT, studies show that human nature is pretty simple, and we fear most what we're guilty of ourselves. So if your girl starts losing her trust in YOU... a good question for her, is WHY?

2 - The disappearing act. The truth is, a woman who suddenly starts adding all sorts of new activities to her schedule... especially, if they don't include you, is a red flag. Of course, there MAY be a very good explanation... and often, there IS. But, if she suddenly goes MIA a few nights a week and has very iffy excuses about why and where, a little extra 411 is probably a good idea. (especially if you can deal with it before it gets to dealbreaker status)

3 - A woman who suddenly becomes far more concerned about her appearance is also a red flag, especially if she's exhibiting the first 2 signs as well. If your wife starts getting super dressed up for a 3 hour trip to the mall... and some other red flags are present as well, I'd say you ought to sit down together and get a gauge about what's going on.

What do YOU think? Has your experience been different? If so... HOW so? What are the signs YOU look for in a relationship that a woman can't be trusted?

I hope that YOUR relationships are all good and honest and trustworthy, but if you are looking for some simple insights, the 3 signs above are a good place to begin!
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